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Deep Striking

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Deep Striking

Post  Papa Nurgle on Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:11 am

With all the Deep Striking that is going on, especially with the new codex, I thought I would start a thread to discuss this wonderful confusing ability.

Page 95 of the Rulebook states:

"First place one model from the unit on the table, in the position that you would like it to arrive, and roll the scatter die."

The rule clearly states "place one model". Not a marker or an indicator, but one model.

Now we will look at the placement rules on pgs 13-14 of the Rulebook.

Pg 14 states:

"Models may not be placed in impassable terrain unless the models unless the models concerned have a special rule in their profile granting them an exception(like being able to fly above the terrain) or both players agree to it."

Pg 13 defines Impassable terrain as:

"Deep water, lava flows, steep rocky cliffs, and buildings that models cannot enter, as agreed with your opponent. Remember that other models, friends and enemies, also count as impassable terrain."

Any questions?

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