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My Da Boyz GT Experience

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My Da Boyz GT Experience Empty My Da Boyz GT Experience

Post  Brian_Horton on Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:25 pm

Well, I attended one of the biggest soft score tournaments in the US and it was really fun. Da Boyz is held in Rochester and is put on by DaBoyz Gaming Club in Rochester, NY. The tournament was 1850 points and you had to fit your army into a rubric for army construction and it had to be fully painted or you could not compete. I have to say that there was a great time to be had with a very diverse field of competition. Some people built there lists just to do well in battle and just made it just to meet the minimum comp score and others built fully to the comp score (I did this.) I had a great time and played myself to a 3-2-1 record overall. Not placing well in the overall battle points but I did very well in painting, sportsmanship (4th overall) and composition (110 out of a possible 120 points). I finished in an overall of 31 out of 92 so I did ok. I found out a few very interesting things about GT's.

1. Difference in play standards.
Some people only cared about punching their opponents faces off and were stern players not interested in having fun. Those players really seemed to be in the minority. Most players came to have fun and have a beer and throw some dice. I played against 9 (including the teams day) different players and all of my games were fun even the 2 were I was stomped into the ground.

2. Scenarios variety is fun.
With our local tournaments mostly doing scenarios straight out of the book it was great to try some out of the box thinking. Although a few were a bit confusing they were fun overall. I can say that creativity makes things more interesting as you have to really change the way you think about what to kill and what to really avoid.

3. Being that guy is no fun.
I went in trying to not be a pain in the Be-donk-a-donk. I know that at times we all fall into being a piss poor sport. I have been trying to not be "that guy" and when I found myself close to being that guy I bit my tongue and just went with the flow. Playing more to have fun that be competitive made for a much better experience for me and my opponent. The one opponent that was being that guy I killed with kindness and by the 6th turn of our game he realized he was being that guy and apologized and thanked me for not being like that back to him. I am really going to keep doing this and I think I will have more fun myself and my opponents will have more fun.

4. Blood Claws are not as bad as you think.
For the first time I used Blood Claws, a 15 man squad on foot. This was my MVP on both days in the event. They were a great counter punch many time at getting in as the second wave in an assault and causing a great deal of carnage. I even had them take down an assault termie squad and it was so much fun. Swift Claws who were also fun in many ways and they were one of the best distractions that I have ever used in any game. In one game the swift claws took the entire fire-power of an army (after I turbo boosted) and I had five left that were abale to take out a squad the next turn and really hold a flank.

5. Dark Eldar Venoms are ridiculous.
I saw a side game (not in the tournament) that 2 people were having and the Dark Eldar had 10 Venoms on the board. On the first turn the venom's took out 5 vehicles and 4 full squad of marines with the massive fire-power. After talking to the guys playing they said that the overall firepower of DE and there wargear are making the non-soft score tournaments on a national level unenjoyable if you do not have a few fire based ranged units. According to these players most marines can handle it but Chaos Marines, Daemons, Tyranids and Orks have trouble with them. Auto cannon Dreadnoughts of the marines with Dev Squad or two are the best answer apparently.

6. Painting makes all the difference.
This is the first event I have been to where all armies were painted. When you see a room of 92 fully painted armies (not including all the fantasy armies on the other side of the hall) facing off it is impressive. I watched the end of Tau vs Eldar game just because it looked great on the battlefield. I found myself in-trawled in other battles after my game because most of the armies looked great. There was two armies there that were amazing to me. One was a Porcelain Necron Army that had a great white gloss and was amazing. The other army was a Gretchin modeled Ork army that I played against that was really well done.

7. Goatboy (of BOLS) is the same person in person as he is online.
Had a really nice conversation with him and he is a competitive player with good knowledge. He is an artist in his bag painting and is really cheap and fast with it.

I will do a battle report as soon as I recover fully from the weekend of 9 games and a severe knee pain. It was a great time and I have to thank DaBoyz for putting on a great event and letting me have a fantastic weekend.

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My Da Boyz GT Experience Empty Re: My Da Boyz GT Experience

Post  dswanick on Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:53 pm

Glad to hear you had fun Brian. I'm sad I had to miss out on the fun this year.

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My Da Boyz GT Experience Empty Re: My Da Boyz GT Experience

Post  Warboss Grimtooth on Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:48 pm

Sounds like you had a blast Brian, I hope you do well next year. Congrats on your standings from this year's tourney!
Warboss Grimtooth
Warboss Grimtooth

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My Da Boyz GT Experience Empty Re: My Da Boyz GT Experience

Post  Azel RavenWood on Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:59 am

Cool. Seems very interesting. Also i have to ask what does "Being that Guy" Actually mean.
Azel RavenWood
Azel RavenWood
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My Da Boyz GT Experience Empty Re: My Da Boyz GT Experience

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