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A New Season for Blood Bowl through The O-Zone

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A New Season for Blood Bowl through The O-Zone Empty A New Season for Blood Bowl through The O-Zone

Post  NecronJay on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:53 am

I have had interest expressed to me in have the league start back up. Over the next week or two I will try and contact coaches that played in our first season and see if they too have some interest with starting over with a new team, or run their old team. This not is for all of you potential coaches that have not played before and would like to join in I will hold a meeting November 8th, a Tuesday at 7pm at to discuss options and the like. There is a chance that I may move the league into the computer game Blood Bowl Legendary Edition, for those that have that game great you might be able to play from home at your own time and convince, while others that do not own the game would have a chance to play on my laptop doing a hot seat game with your opponent at the store. Please feel free to post replies to this topic and let me know your thoughts and feeling about this subject, and thanks in advance.

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