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House rule discussion - Entropic Strike

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House rule discussion - Entropic Strike

Post  dswanick on Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:54 am

Bill (sental) asked me a question last night, pertaining to the Necron special rule : Entropic Strike and how it should interact with Super-heavy vehicles in Apocalypse.

Here's the problem : Entropic Strike was not written with Super-heavies in mind (shocker! Smile ). Attacks with the Entropic Strike special rule reduce the Armor Value of a vehicle by 1 per hit on a die roll of 4+ and if the vehicle is reduced to 0 Armor on any side it is 'Wrecked'. This could potentially lead to a situation where a unit of 10 Scarabs (150pts) can remove a Reaver Titan (1,450pts) in a single phase if the rules are taken at face value. Alternatively, one could argue that there is no 'Wrecked' result on the Super-heavy Vehicle Damage table and therefore can never be applied - resulting in a Titan with 0 Armor Value. Further there is the rational inconsistancy of a 150pt unit being able to "break" the rules and bypass one of the main features of Super-heavy Vehicle (namely: their durability).

Bill's suggestion was that against SHs, instead of applying an automatic 'Wrecked' result it should apply an automatic Structural Damage result and then the SH would again count its full normal Armor Value against future attacks. This would do a good job of representing the huge and durable nature of Super-heavies. Alternatively, I've heard of some groups simply playing the rules as-is - the armor is gone, but the Wrecked result can't be applied until all Structure Points are gone (which happens pretty quickly when all Hits are Penetrating Hits.

Codex: Necrons, Pg.29
Any model that suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from a weapon or model with this special rule immediately loses its armour save for the remainder of the battle (effectively altering its armour save to '-'). For each hit a vehicle suffers from a weapon or model with this special rule, roll a D6. For each result of 4+, it immediately loses 1 point of Armour Value from all facings. If a vehicle is reduced to Armour 0 on any facing, it is immediately wrecked.

Apocalypse Rulebook, Pg.92
To represent the great amount of damage a super-heavy can withstand before being knocked out, in their datasheets they are assigned a number of Structure Points (sometimes shortened to "SP"). Glancing and penetrating hits have a chance of inflicting the loss of Structure Points, and only by reducing their Structure Points to 0 can a super-heavy vehicle model be destroyed.

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Re: House rule discussion - Entropic Strike

Post  Firemission on Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:58 am

Surprised I never thought of that. It is a interesting Idea though. Scarabs are op as it is now because of that rule. I think GW just really buffed them because I don't remember anyone ever really using them before because they were worthless. Now its like ok Stay away from them. My character looses his armor if I go into fight them.. and the tank thing.

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Re: House rule discussion - Entropic Strike

Post  Brian_Horton on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:32 am

I feel that the ES should just lower the armor but not remove Structure points. After thinking long and hard about it Structure points are not effected by this just the armor. If you want to limit the ability on super heavies maybe make the ability a 5+ when it has structure points left.


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Re: House rule discussion - Entropic Strike

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